Drain Field Repair Conyers

An important, but often ignored part of a septic system is the drain field or leach field.
Your septic system works by routing all of your household waste water to a septic tank buried in your yard.  Once inside the tank, solids settle to the bottom and liquids flow into a series of perforated pipes called a drain field.  These perforated pipes are buried in rows and allow the liquid wastewater to seep into the soil. 

Drain Field Installation

A properly installed and maintained drain field will give many years of trouble free service.  When a problem arises with your drain field, it is best to call a sewer and septic services professional. 

Indications that your drain field is in need of professional attention include:
• Wet, mushy, foul smelling areas of the yard
• Bright green strips of grass in the yard
• Backed up drains inside the house

Common causes of drain field problems include:
• Grease, oil, and other organic substances can form a slimy substance called biomat to form in the soil under the drain field.  This stops or slows the wastewater from seeping into the soil and causes it instead to pool near the surface.
• Improper septic tank maintenance such as waiting too long between septic tank pumping can allow solid materials to clog the leach lines which results in slow or backed up drains.
• Unusually heavy water usage can overload the drain field.  The waste water cannot seep into the soil fast enough and instead pools at or near the surface.
Our technicians have the training and experience necessary to inspect your drain field and determine if corrective action is needed.  They can also provide tips and advice on how to properly care for you septic system and drain field to keep it functioning properly.

Call our Conyers Drain Field Repair Company to arrange for an evaluation of your drain field issues by experiences sewer-septic specialist.  Customer satisfaction is our highest priority.


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