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Water collecting in the basement or crawlspace under your home or building is cause for concern. Toilets installed in basements also raise special concerns. Fortunately, the sewer and septic services professionals at Conyers Sewer-Septic have the training, experience and know how to address these special situations with properly installed sump pumps and ejector pumps.

Sump pumps are installed to pump water away from a home or building. They are typically installed in a well or pit in the basement or crawlspace under a home or building. Rainwater or groundwater collects in the well and when the water reaches a certain level, the pump automatically turns on and pumps the water out and away from the building.

The purpose of a sump pump is to keep the basement or ground floor of your home or building from flooding. A flooded basement detracts from the value of a home and over time can cause damage to the foundation of your home that can lead to expense repairs.

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A sewage ejector pump is designed to pump sewage from a home or building to a sewer line or septic tank. A sewage ejector pump is typically used when a toilet is installed below the level of the sewer line leaving the house such as in a basement. A sewage injector pump may also be installed where there is not enough downhill flow from the sewer line at the house to the sewer or septic tank.

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In order to function properly, it is very important that a sump pump or injector pump installation be properly designed and installed.

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The service technicians at Conyers Sump Pump Service Company have the experience and training necessary to properly install, maintain, and repair sump pumps and ejector pumps.  Call or contact Conyers Sump Pump Service Company to talk to one of our sewer-septic professionals about your sump pump and ejector pump needs.  Our professional, courteous staff understands that the job is not done until the customer is satisfied.


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